All about me? Food History

All about me? Food History
Lizet Kruyff, culinair historicus, altijd wel een boek binnen handbereik Foodhistorian Lizet Kruyff always to be found with a book or two (thousand). 

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Work in progress

Voorblad Menu Gala Diner Inhuldiging Koningin Wilhelmina, 6 september 1898 (Oranje Toetjes, 2015 

What am I up to?

Writing a book about the food culture at the Dutch Court and court circles during the Belle Epoque, focus on cooks, menu, gastronomic diplomacy in the classic sense of the world.

Working on a series of podcasts  shhhh secret project

Reading and blogging about food history - as you can see

Shaping an edible garden, food forest in France

Collecting additions for my already quite extensive library on food, food history and connecting fields of interest. Posts under caption New Old Books.

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